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Big arms in twenty minutes

If you need a workout to get your arms bigger, then this is it. IVT arm training requires one exercise for biceps, one for triceps and a forearm exercise. Performed correctly you will experience massive pumps in all of the muscle groups. The session should only last twenty minutes maximum.

Follow the protocol for intense volume training as described in a previous blog. Barbell curl with 70% of one rep max is performed for fifty reps as quickly as possible but using good form, no just throwing the weight up they must be controlled reps. Once you have completed the reps in the first exercise move to the next, for example tricep push downs and complete the fifty reps in that exercise. Next will be your final exercise for forearms , again fifty reps. That is the end of your arm workout. Massive pump ,intense contractions and massive gains.   hero-image-diets

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