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Most foods contain some fat, sometimes this is good for your health but often it is not. A gram of fat contains nine calories over double the amount that’s in protein or carbohydrates. As someone looking to improve their health it is important that you eat healthy fats and avoid bad fats.

Hydrogenated fat is found in many processed foods and is extremely bad for you. Animal fat and that found in dairy products should also not be eaten in large amounts.

Not all fat is bad fat. In fact many fats provide health benefits. As a general rule fats that are liquid at room temperature are good for you, olive oil, flaxseed, extra virgin olive oil all provide great health benefits. Other foods include walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds and avocado. Fish such as salmon and mackerel should also be eaten but only twice a week .

Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight healthy fats should be part of your eating plan. These healthy fats provide so many benefits that it would be unwise not to eat them. Eating these fats could save or prolong your life.

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