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In order to build muscle you need to provide the body with nutrients, these need to come from a variety of sources. The most important is protein. Found in meat, fish, dairy products, whole grains and nuts, unless the body gets enough protein muscle growth cannot take place.

Protein is broken down by the body into amino acids which can then be utilised. The body requires adequate amounts of amino acids for muscle growth to occur. During a workout muscle is required to contract and stretch, this causes the muscle to tear. Amino acids repair this damage and help build the new muscle.

Immediately after a workout the body requires nutrients to help it repair and grow. Eating or drinking something containing protein straight after your workout will aid recovery and muscle gains. Twenty to thirty grams of protein should be consumed as soon as possible after your session.

There are many companies selling protein drinks, protein bars, amino acids and recovery drinks. All these have their place and are convenient particularly for athletes following advanced level training programs. However if you are beginner looking to put on some muscle you will get the same benefits from a pint of milk or a tuna sandwich or try our home made recovery drink it does a great job and only costs thirty pence a serving.

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