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This is a basic eating plan that can be followed by someone performing the beginners weight training routine .The eating plan is designed to provide enough protein , carbs and fats for muscle growth.


Two wholemeal bread
Three eggs

Mid morning

Apple and banana


Tuna mayo sandwhich
Four wholemeal bread

Evening meal

150g meat/fish
Two baked potatoes
200g vegetables or salad


40g slow release protein (we recommend DP90 by allsports international)

Immediately after training drink one pint of semi skimmed milk or diets and six packs home made recovery drink. This eating plan should meet your nutritional requirements and allow you to gain muscular bodyweight. If your weight gain is more than 1lb a week you are probably gaining fat as well as muscle. If this is the case reduce the calories in your evening meal. Whilst on an eating plan such as this your strength in your workouts should be go up quite quickly. If this is not the case then something is not right and you need to make adjustments.

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