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All activities that raise the heart rate and make you sweat are burning calories. The calories you burn come from a number of sources they include glycogen, muscle tissue and fat.

It has long been established that you burn the greatest amount of fat during exercise if you perform training at approximately 60% of your maximum heart rate. This however is not a very demanding level and means that to burn a significant amount of calories you must exercise for a long period of time.

Here at Diets and Six packs we don’t believe this is the correct approach to getting in shape. Training at a higher level of intensity will burn more glycogen and less body fat during the session but more calories will be burned during the remainder of the day. Training at higher levels of intensity, 80% or above will improve cardiovascular fitness and build muscle. Training at this higher level of intensity will mean sessions can be shorter. Why spend an hour walking on a treadmill when you can burn the same calories in half the time by training a bit harder.

Interval training is the best way to burn body fat and improve cardiovascular fitness.

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