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A big well built chest is quite rare even today with more and more people training with weights. Most people don’t know the correct way to develop a good chest. If you are interested in developing a large well developed chest follow the following advice.

The first thing you need to do is to get your rib cage bigger as no matter how big your pectoral muscles are, they will not look impressive unless the rib cage has been developed. To expand the rib cage you need stretch it. After performing a cardiovascular exercise immediately lay down on an exercise bench. Holding either a five/ten kg plate perform a straight arm pullover for twenty reps. The reps should be performed easily, if that’s not the case use a lighter weight. You need to feel a good stretch in your rib cage when your arms are in the extended straight arm position. Inhale when you are in this position. Always keep your elbows slightly bent to avoid stressing the elbow joints.

Perform the pullovers twice a week and watch your rib cage expand and grow.

Traditionally if you asked someone in the gym how to get a big chest they would say to do bench presses. Whilst the bench has built as few big chests it is usually not performed correctly. If you want good pectoral development then you need to engage the pectoral muscles when you do your bench presses. The very best way to do this is to expand the rib cage before starting your set of benches.

Sit on the end of an exercise bench, inhale a deep breath and hold expanding the rib cage.

Now lay down on the bench, grasp the bar and breath out but keep the rib cage expanded. You should already feel the pectorals contracting. With your rib cage expanded your shoulders are forced back, again this is an ideal position to involve the pectoral muscles rather than the delts.

As you perform the set you will feel the pectorals contract more than you have previously. You will be unable use as much weight as you have in the past but the pecs will be stimulated much more than they have been. You can use this technique when performing flyes and cross overs. Just keep the rib cage expanded during the exercise and you will get a much better contraction in the pecs.

Give these tips a go and let us know how you get on.

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