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Weight training for many years was the sole domain of men. However recently more and more women have benefitted from its unique ability to change a persons body shape. Whilst aerobic/cardiovascular training will always have its place, to achieve all round health and fitness strength training should also be performed.

The idea that strength training will produce massive muscles in women is false. Women have the ability to build muscle but progress will always be limited by the lack of the male hormone testosterone. To put it simply women can use weight training to dramatically change the shape of their bodies without having to worry about getting big and bulky.

Weight training can be incorporated into any training program. A properly constructed workout performed twice or three times a week is all that is needed. Weight training breaks down muscle fibres, then with adequate rest and nutrition the muscles recover and grow.

Strength training can in-corporate body weight exercise, free weights, plate loaded machines, medicine balls, rubber bands etc. Workouts can be performed in numerous ways, all over body training, split routines, straight sets, super sets, the combinations of exercises and training systems are endless.

Every part of your body can be trained from your calves to your neck and as you put on muscle your body becomes more efficient at burning calories. So the more muscle you have means you are burning more calories whilst doing nothing, than someone with less muscle.

The beginners workout which you will find elsewhere on the diets and six packs web site gives you a basic workout which can be followed by anyone new to strength training. The workout is gym based and utilises free weights and machines. During the session the whole body is trained, it can be used by someone trying to lose weight or gain weight.

Try to include strength training into your life style it has no end of benefits which many women are beginning to realise.

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