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Walking is great form of exercise. If you are overweight and have not exercised for a long time it is the activity to start with. Walking for fifteen to twenty minutes three or four times per week will burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness.

During your walk do not walk at the same pace all the way. Vary your walking speed, walking faster over some parts of your route and slower over others. You could walk fast for two hundred metres then slower for a hundred. Doing so will make the walk more intense. Remember you must make the walk at least a little bit demanding, if it is just a pleasant stroll it is not going to benefit you at all.

During your walk you should feel your body temperature rise and you will start to sweat, your breathing will be deeper than usual and you may find it a little difficult to hold a conversation. This is the level of effort you should be aiming for. Walking at this level of effort will mean you are burning calories, improving cardiovascular fitness and speeding up your metabolism.


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