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Tests carried out by scientists using electromyography which measures how hard a muscle works during exercise found the following exercises to be amongst the best for muscular development.

  1. Roman chair leg raise
  2. Bicycle maneuver
  3. Hanging leg raise
  4. Exercise ball crunch
  5. Vertical crunch
  6. Reverse crunch

All the above exercises are hard to perform especially for a beginner. Try them at the start of your abdominal workout and see how many reps you can perform. Each time you train abdominals try and perform a couple reps more, you will be surprised how quickly you will progress.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you must do when training abdominals is breath out when in the contracted position. This emptying of air from the lungs forces the abdominals to contract making the rep much more intense. Use this technique on all your abdominal exercises and you will be well on your way to a great set of abs.

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