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Intense Volume Training

Diets and six packs IVT (intense Volume Training) is an extremely demanding training protocol designed to produce exceptional gains in muscle size, strength and endurance. IVT combines the benefits of high intensity training as popularized by Mike Mentzer, Ellington Darden, ph.d and Arthur Jones with multiple set training and in particular German volume training.

Numerous studies have identified both the benefits and draw backs of high intensity training and here at Diets and six packs we believe that the intensity of your training can reflect how well you perform in your given sport. Multiple set training has been used for decades by body builders, power lifters and athletes to build muscle size and strength. IVT combines the best of both protocols and provides the trainer the chance to build muscle, strength and endurance at an exceptional rate.

German volume training has been used by many athletes and is based on performing ten sets of ten in a given exercise at 60% of 1 rep max. Once all ten sets can be completed with the given weight the resistance is increased. GVT produces increased blood flow to the targeted muscle group and can lead to increases in muscle size. Diets and six packs Intense volume training does the same thing but to a greater extent.

Intense volume training combines high intensity training with German volume training and is proving to be a way that seasoned trainers can smash personal plateaus and reach new levels of development and performance. blog-exercise-image

Intense volume training is performed in the following manner.

After establishing a one rep max in a particular compound exercise, calculate 70% of that total. This then becomes the working weight. The trainer will now perform 50 reps with this weight in as short a time as possible. Rep cadence should be controlled but rest between sets should be kept to the minimum. Repetitions per sets should be 10, 10, 10 , 5, 5, 5,5 making a total of fifty reps. Rest between the first three sets should be kept to thirty seconds but rest after this should be enough for the athlete to complete the target reps but not any more. If the athlete fails to perform the required reps for a particular set they are added on at the end and an additional set is performed. The exercise session is only over when all fifty reps have been completed. The athlete will experience extreme lactic acid build up in the target muscle group and all sets after the first two or three will be to failure or just short of failure. A stop watch is a requirement along with a training diary to record details of the session.Before the first rep or the IVT exercise start the watch and as you complete the sets record how many reps are performed. Once all the fifty reps have been performed stop the watch and record the time. If you have hit all the rep targets for the sets then on the next session you should increase the resistance or if you do not wish to do this you can reduce the rest between sets to increase the intensity.

An athlete using IVT to primarily increase endurance may choose to keep the weight constant but reduce rest between sets to increase intensity. However an athlete looking to increase size and strength will keep rest periods fairly consistent but increase resistance when rep totals are reached.

Massive pumps have been experienced by those following this protocol and it is recommended that the athlete only perform IVT for one exercise per body part.  Extremely large amounts of blood are drawn to the targeted area and many trainers experience feelings in their muscles they have not had before.

Unlike many training protocols which are more specific, IVT increases muscle size, strength and endurance. For large body parts like back two IVT exercises may be used. However as a general rule only one IVT exercise should be performed per body part.

To perform an IVT training session you need a watch, a diary, 70 % of your one rep max and an iron will to perform your fifty reps. If your muscle being trained does not experience the most intense 5-8 mins of its life then you either need to increase the resistance or reduce the rest between sets. IVT is demanding for the time it is being performed but within five to ten minutes you should feel partially recovered.

Here at diets and six packs we would like to thank the following for their writings which have influenced and helped us create Intense volume training . William j Kraemer, Steven j Fleck, Mike Mentzer, John Little, Peter Sisco, Stuart McRobert, John Philbin, Mauro Di Pasquale and Arthur Jones.


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