Vitamin C – What is it?

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Vitamin C – What is it?

Vitamin C is  water soluble and helps with the normal functioning of our nervous systems. Only very small amounts can be stored by the body so it must be ingested on a regular basis. Vitamin C is also known as Absorbic acid, vitamin C assists the body In countless ways it strengthens the immune system, keeps bones strong, skin firm and speeds up healing to name just a few of its properties.

Athletes especially those who take part in contact sports should utilise it to help with bruising. Vitamin C is used by the body in times of stress therefore it is advisable that if you are exposed to these situations then you increase its intake. The RDA for it is 40mg this is a tiny amount. Any person participating  in regular exercise should make sure they supply their body with adequate amounts of Vitamin C. People with gout or a history of kidney stones should avoid excessive amounts.Foods containing Vitamin C include Broccoli, Peppers, lemons and oranges and provide between 53 and 80mg per 100g.

Therefore we at diets and six packs suggest you supplement your diet with at least two 500mg tablets per day taken at least eight hours apart. If you are subject to high levels of stress, be that from your exercise routine or mental stress then the amount consumed could be increased to 2000mg per day.

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