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The wave eating plan works for a number of reasons. Calorie deficit, food combining, calorie cycling and eating food from all the major food groups all work in conjunction with each other to create a highly effective eating regime that is healthy, filling and sustainable.

The calorie deficit guarantees weight loss. Eating less food than your body requires to maintain body weight means you will lose weight.

Food combining utilises the latest research on what foods to eat to assist in weight loss. Combining certain foods means that they are utilised by the body more efficiently.

Calorie cycling on a daily basis means that the body has to adapt to different calorie levels. This helps maintain your basal metabolic rate, which tends to drop on traditional diets.

The combination of all these factors means that wave eating surpasses the results of other eating plans. Wave eating can be sustained for long periods of time without a detriment to health. Many diets have you eat food from only one or two major food groups. This is a mistake you must eat food from all the major food groups to be healthy. Wave eating uses foods that are nutritious and from all the major food groups.

Incorporating exercise can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the plan. Three sessions of intense exercise a week will give you no end of benefits, not just for weight loss and fitness but for general wellbeing.

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