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  • Thank you for recommending the wave eating plan. I started the diet in January 2015 and to date (28th Feb 2015) my weight has reduced from 15 stone 6 pounds down to 13 stone 12 pounds.I have to say that as someone who is not a lover of vegetables I found this diet met my needs and enabled me to lose weight without too much effort. It is really important that you stick to the diet as much as possible and small things like not having sugar or artificial sweetener in your tea plus reducing alcohol intake help greatly with the weight loss.There is just one final point I did not have to do any exercise which made the diet even more enjoyable!

    David, Newport
  • I have been on the wave eating plan for three weeks. I have lost 8lb but have not followed it to the letter. I have exercised but had quite a few days not following the plan. It has taught me how to eat healthier which I will continue doing,

    John, Newport
  • I just wanted to let you know that I have lost 12lb (I’m not metric, sorry!). I started the wave eating plan and Although I haven’t stuck to it religiously, it certainly got me motivated and made me think about what I eat and why! I also measured myself and took some pretty gruesome photos! I have lost 2 inches off my bust, waist and hips … I am over the moon.Thank you for your encouragement, you are a top bloke!

    Pat, Cardiff
  • Today is day 14.I have weighed and measured, I've lost 10lbs and an inch off my waist, hips and under and across my bust Having a curry tonight as I've been true to the plan for 14.Ready to start day 1 again tomorrow.So chuffed, almost back in the 10's for the first time in about 3 years!

    Sarah, Cardiff
  • "This is the best eating plan ever. I enjoy my food and looking at the plan was a little concerned about the amount of food. I should never have worried. After a few days every mouthful of food tasted so clean and fresh. I did experience for first two days headaches but they soon stopped.After the first two week cycle i had a lot more energy than i had for a long time and after starting early HRT several months earlier the energy boost was amazing. I was able to lose overall 14 lb in six weeks."

  • When i first weighed and it came in at 16 stone 3 lb needless to say i was horrified, knowing that at 49 i was the heaviest i had ever been. My wife also weighed which i will not put down,  for my healths sake also horrified her. So it was time to do something.We had both tried various diets before without success, but on reading the plan we found not only did it make sense but it also gave us a good start planning food for two weeks. So we decided to go full on.We found ourselves eating more , some days unable to eat all the calories, eating healthier food and drinking more water than ever.It is now nearly four weeks on the plan. I weigh 15 stone 3 lb and Karen has lost 9 lb. She has not done any exercise while i have and my performance has improved.Thank you for the plan and we wish all future participants all the best in achieving their goals.

    Huw and Karen

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