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What should I do if I get hungry ?

If you find yourself hungry between meals drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit .If you drink tea or coffee don’t have them with your meals drink them between meals if you feel hungry. Also remember being hungry on occasions is not going to kill you and on the wave eating plan this should be a very rare occurrence.

Can I exercise everyday on the wave eating plan ?

On the wave eating plan you can exercise on a regular basis. However we do not want you to lose muscle so make sure utilise Glutamine before and after training.

I have read about a diet where you only eat 600 calories a day and exercise on these days. You lose lots of weight, should I reduce my calories to 600 whilst on the wave eating plan?

No, six hundred calories a day is much too low especially if you are exercising. If you follow this diet plan you will lose a great deal of muscle, this is not what you want. Diets like the one you describe are only interested in weight loss and don’t worry about whether its muscle or fat being lost. Never follow a diet like this. Follow the wave eating plan and you will lose body fat.

I am a forty year old woman and want to lose four stone, is the wave eating plan suitable for me?

Yes, the wave eating is ideal. As it’s based on science it’s suitable for everyone.

Do I need to exercise on the wave eating plan?

No, but your results will be better if you do.

How much weight will I lose on the wave eating plan?

Everyone is different but your results will be very good. If you follow the plan to the letter you will lose all the weight you want to.

On some days there is too much food to eat, can I eat less ?

Yes, you can eat less but we would recommend you stick to the portion sizes in the plan.

I do not like the food on day eleven, can I change it ?

Yes, day eleven is a lower calorie day. Simply swop it for food eaten on one of the other lower calorie days.

Why is water important?

Water assists in eliminating the waste products the body produces when on a diet. It also helps fill us up at meal times when drunk with our food.

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